If you are a driver or passenger, cyclist or pedestrian involved in a car accident, once the scene is safe, obtain as much information about the other driver, witnesses, and the accident scene. Take lots of photographs with your cell phone or camera, and make sure to photograph and write down the following information:

  • Names, addresses, phone numbers and driver license numbers for all parties involved in the accident, regardless who is at fault, and all potential witnesses.
  • The Registered Owner of the vehicle by requesting and looking at the driver’s insurance documents. Take photographs of these documents. If the driver cannot produce the insurance documents for the vehicle, then call the police to attend the accident.
  • Check that the photograph in the driver license matches the person who produced it. Take a photograph of their driver’s license and a photograph of the person who provided it to you. If the driver is unable to provide a driver’s license call the police to attend the accident, and request the driver to provide you with another piece of government issued identification with a picture.
  • Photograph and write down the license plate number and issuing Province or State. If the vehicle is from out of province, obtain the name of the out of province insurance company.
  • Take lots photographs of the scene of the accident and the debris field. Photograph landmarks such as street signs and traffic control signs and lights. Take photographs of the vehicles in their resting position – as soon as possible, findbride and preferably before any vehicles are pulled over, provided it is safe to do so. Take photographs of the exterior damage to the vehicle, but also take photographs of the interior of the vehicle.
  • Write notes about the accident, and draw a sketch of the accident scene.
  • Obtain the names and contact information for the first responders who arrived on the scene (i.e. Police, Fire & Ambulance personnel)

Keep a copy of the Bloom Law Accident Report Form in your car to help you remember what information to get in the event of an accident.


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