This is compensation for the loss of the ability to earn future wages because of the injuries you sustained from the accident.

You are entitled to this claim even if you return to your pre-accident employment. This compensation accounts for injuries that preclude you from working at a certain job, or group of jobs that you may have pursued had you not been injured in the accident.

There may have been a promotion just around the corner, or you were planning on going back to school… all before the injury took away your ability to do so.

If your earning capacity has been diminished due to an injury, you are entitled to receive this type of compensation from ICBC. Unfortunately, ICBC is a corporation who will do whatever it takes to retain as much of their money as possible, and in their attempts, will minimize your loss of earning capacity claim.

At Bloom Law we specialize in making sure that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to. It is our job to analyze all of the complex loss of earning capacity factors and law in this area. Recovering from an accident is stressful enough, let us deal with ICBC and the difficult legislation so that you can work on your recovery.


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