This type of compensation is for damages that result from pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment to your life, and are legally referred to as Non-Pecuniary Damages.

This type of compensation is for injuries other than those associated with your physical injuries. For example, Non-Pecuniary Damages are to compensate you for emotional and mental injuries that include fear of being in a vehicle, insomnia, grief, and worry about motor vehicle accidents, and the inconvenience and symptoms that result in the overall loss of enjoyment of life caused by the accident.

ICBC uses a computer algorithm to determine how much pain & suffering you are entitled to; however, this calculation does not take into account your unique circumstances and best interests. ICBC will try to cut costs and short change your pain & suffering compensation, and overlook your personal circumstances.

Retaining a personal injury lawyer to handle your insurance claim case will ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

At Bloom Law, we will work tirelessly to negotiate with ICBC and make sure that you get the compensation you are rightly entitled to. We will employ superior analytical methods to determine your pain and suffering compensation, and challenge the results evaluated by ICBC’s computer algorithm.


Bloom Law will ensure that your unique pain and suffering claim is not minimized and overlooked by ICBC. Call us at 604 603 5513 or submit a form here to set up your free claim consultation with a Bloom Law personal injury lawyer.