Drinking and Driving Breach: The most common type of motor vehicle accident where ICBC will try to breach the insurance contract and avoid paying compensation is when alcohol is involved. If there is any suspicion that alcohol was consumed, whether or not you are charged with impaired driving, ICBC will allege you breached your insurance contract and deny you coverage.

Principle Operator Breach: These are circumstances where ICBC will argue that you have breached a material term of the insurance contract by the misrepresenting the primary operator for the vehicle. For example, if a parent is designated as the principle operator of a vehicle, but their child was driving at the time of the accident, ICBC could try to argue that the child was really the principle operator as opposed to the parent. ICBC could allege under these circumstances that you breached your insurance contract, and deny you coverage on the pure “speculation” regarding who was the principle operator for the vehicle.

Insurance Coverage Breach: In these circumstances ICBC will allege you misrepresented the actual use and purpose for your vehicle. For example, if you insured the vehicle for “pleasure use”, the standard ICBC terms specifies you can only drive the vehicle 6 times per month for work purposes. ICBC will try to claim that you drove the vehicle for work purposes more than 6 times in the month, and allege you have breached your insurance policy. ICBC will also hire private investigators to do research you and learn your work habits to support ICBC’s claim that you breached your insurance contract.


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