Cases against ICBC for breach of contact are extremely hard fought because ICBC is a giant government corporation with unlimited resources. When ICBC alleges you breached your insurance contract this exposes you to the vehicle damage and personal injury claims that result from the accident. Depending on your exposure you will have to perform a cost benefit analysis to assess whether you should sue ICBC or accept their decision. ICBC as an adverse party, will employ tactics such as forcing the trial to be heard in Supreme Court, where the legal expenses are larger and, you could face an award of costs against you if you lose the case. If ICBC alleges you breached your contract of insurance you have to retain a skilled and competent personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Otherwise, ICBC will out manoeuvre you and your claim against them will fail.


If ICBC claims that you have breached your insurance contract and is denying you coverage for an accident call 604 603 5513 or submit a form here to set up your free claim consultation. A skilled personal injury lawyer at Bloom Law will even the playing field against ICBC. We are not afraid of ICBC’s intimidation tactics and we are familiar with the methods and strategies ICBC uses to deny you the coverage and compensation you are rightly entitled to.