ICBC is required to compensate you even if the at-fault driver left the scene of the accident and is unknown.

In order to receive compensation for a hit and run accident, you must advise ICBC as soon as possible and file a police report. It is also extremely important you take reasonable steps to try and identify the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle, including:

  • Try to see and write down the license plate number for the vehicle that flees the scene.
  • Notify the police at the accident scene or shortly after the accident.
  • Notify ICBC shortly after the accident, but consult a lawyer before doing so.
  • Place a sign at the accident scene stating you are looking for witnesses and the driver, and provide some details about the accident (e.g., date, time, … etc.).
  • Place an advertisement in the local newspaper looking for witnesses and the driver and the vehicle that fled the scene.
  • Follow-up with the police regarding the investigation.
  • Determine if there are any security cameras in the area that might have captured the accident and information about the driver and vehicle that fled.
  • Knock on doors of houses close to where the accident took place to inquire if anyone saw the accident and the driver of the vehicle who fled the scene.

ICBC will allege that you did not take the appropriate steps to identify the hit and run motorist. Do not let ICBC successfully make this claim by undertaking as many of the above steps as possible.


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