The process of collecting compensation from a personal injury claim is complex for a person who is under the age of 19, because the Public Guardian and Trustee and/or the Court must approve the settlement.

In cases where non-pecuniary damages are under $50 000, this process is relatively simple; the Public Guardian and Trustee will approve the settlement, and a Consent Order will be sent to the Court to commence the proceedings.

In cases where non-pecuniary damages are over $50 000, a hearing must take place where The Public Guardian and Trustee will provide statutory comments. The Public Guardian and Trustee, and the Court must both approve the settlement for the proceedings to commence. In certain cases, The Public Guardian & Trustee will not approve the settlement. The claim may still be brought to a hearing but this is often contested.

Youth personal injury claims are complicated and technical, and it is often much easier to enlist the counsel of a personal injury lawyer to litigate your claim. At Bloom Law we are committed to making this process easy for you and to get all of the compensation that you deserve.


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